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Named one of Rock & Blues Muse's "50 Modern Blues Rock Artists You Must Hear in 2019".
"The next generation of pure, unadulterated blues rock...this is only the beginning for this remarkable trio."                                       - Rock & Blues Muse
"Shaw Davis & The Black Ties are one of the most explosive contemporary Blues-Rock trios to emerge on to today's music scene."                            - Ink 19
"The hard-charging, rising Blues Rocker leads his trio through a blistering set that shows he never heard of a sophomore jinx. Tipping his hand that he’s charting a course of being a Road Warrior that lights up the night, this hard-hitting set defies fashion and conventional wisdom simply by being incendiary. Hot stuff throughout."               - Midwest Records
"Shaw Davis & The Black Ties are a powerhouse trio who play blistering Blues Rock with titanic intensity...We are certain we will be hearing more of Shaw Davis over the coming years. Very promising.
                                            - Blues Matters UK
"They're a three-man wrecking crew that infuse the Blues with Hard Rock to gratifying effect...this hard-hitting trio is taking Blues-Rock to the next level combining maximum heaviosity with the soul of the Blues"                                       - The Rock Doctor
"Tales From The West, the second release from Florida Blues-Rock trio Shaw Davis & The Black Ties, is an engaging balls-to-the-wall is a smash hit."
               -Philly Cheeze's Rock & Blues Review
"We have a new young guitar hero!  Shaw Davis of South Florida.  Fierce, raw guitar licks…his guitar tears, barks and bites… We will certainly enjoy this guitarist in the future."                - Blues Magazine
"Together with drummer Bobby Van Stone and bassist Patrick Stevenson, Shaw Davis shows his devil's skills on the guitar.  As a young guitar hero, he rages through the Blues Rock repertoire.  The powerhouse Blues Rock trio proudly presents more than a clever album."
                                                 - Keys & Chords
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